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cPanel VPS Plans

cPanel VPS Plans2021-01-25T04:07:18+00:00


  • Disk Storage – 20Gb
  • CPU – 1 Core
  • System Memory – 1Gb
  • Network Speed – 1Gb/sec
  • Monthly Bandwidth – 1Tb
  • IP Addresses – 2
  • cPanel 5 User License
  • No Setup Fee


  • Disk Storage – 30Gb
  • CPU – 2 Cores
  • System Memory – 2Gb
  • Network Speed – 1Gb/sec
  • Monthly Bandwidth -2Tb
  • IP Addresses – 2
  • cPanel 30 User License
  • No Setup Fee


  • Disk Storage – 50Gb
  • CPU – 4 Cores
  • System Memory – 4Gb
  • Network Speed – 1Gb/sec
  • Monthly Bandwidth – 3Tb
  • IP Addresses – 2
  • No Setup Fee
  • cPanel 30 User License

 No Contract and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The RAID 10 Standard

At Nibble Netwrx Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting and VPS Hosting Packages are set up using a RAID 10 configuration.

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Virtual Private Server Benefits

Supported Systems

CloudLinux OS is an operating system designed specifically for shared hosting providers, developed by computer software company CloudLinux Inc. CloudLinux OS is based on OpenVZ kernel and is fully compatible with CentOS/RHEL packages. CloudLinux OS is designed to improve stability and security on server and to optimize its work on account of isolating tenants on server, setting resource usage limits for them, optimizing work with databases etc.

cPanel is a Linux-based web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site. Web Host Manager, or WHM, is a powerful program that allows administrative access to the back end of cPanel.

The CentOS Linux distribution is a stable, predictable, manageable and reproducible platform derived from the sources of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). They are now looking to expand on that by creating the resources needed by other communities to come together and be able to build on the CentOS Linux platform.

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VPS Hosting FAQ

Our commitment to uncomplicated package pricing (and secrets to comparing)2020-04-20T14:51:39+00:00

We often get questions about pricing… why are your prices more expensive than Acme Web Hosting (fill in a name here).  We like to know we are competitive in the market.  Our value is not found in offering cheapest services but also in the overall product we sell.  We will never get into a conversation comparing Nibble Netwrx packages to the other guys.  You will notice our pricing is more straight forward with no long term contracts hiding a discount.  The key to most companies promotional offering is to give you a really good rate the first 12 months then pop the cost up by 20% to 70% in the 2nd 12 month term.  The competitors hope that after the first year the price increase is not enough for you to consider the complicated move it may take to get a better price elsewhere.  We like to call this a “bait and switch”.

Check the pricing month to month of all companies before you buy.   You will find that we are likely as competitive as we say we are!  We do offer discounts for longer term plans we just don’t hide our monthly costs behind long terms of service.

What hardware do Nibble Netwrx servers run on?2020-04-20T14:52:08+00:00

Nibble Netwrx uses different Intel Xeon based Dell server chassis’s for our network infrastructure.  The servers are setup in either a Raid10 or Raid1 depending on the number of drives and setups.

What kind of drives are used on the VPS servers?2019-06-15T21:57:47+00:00

All of our VPS servers at NibbleNetwrx are built using state of the art Solid State Drives (SSD’s) this allows for the maximum speed (read and write) possible. Combined with a Raid 10 setup this increases I/O performance by more than a multiple of 10 compared to standard platter drives.

Can I get an SSL certificate to cover all my sites on my account?2019-06-15T21:57:14+00:00

No, one SSL certification will not cover all the domains on a server.  We do offer a SSL certification that will cover all sub-domains of a domain.

To answer this question it is important to understand how your websites are set up and how SSL Certifications work.

If each site is set up as their own domain (Examples: each site would need their own SSL Cert.
If each site is set up as a sub-domain (example:,, the site and all sub-domains could be covered by one SSL Cert.

Can I install any application I want to?2019-06-15T21:56:38+00:00

Yes, you can install any applications that are compatiable that are supported by your OS.  However, our management / support does not cover support for 3rd party software. Be aware of all other software requirements before installing or upgrading software that may be dependant on another this may result in adverse affects to your site.

What is RAID 10?2019-06-15T21:56:15+00:00

RAID 10, also known as RAID 1+0, combines disk mirroring to protect data and disk striping to create a larger array of data. A RAID 10 configuration requires a minimum of four disks, and stripes data across mirrored pairs. As long as one disk in each mirrored pair is functional, data can be retrieved.

How many IP’s can I have?2019-06-15T21:56:02+00:00

Each Package comes with a set amount ot IP’s as outlined on the website. If more are needed we will be more than happy to assist. If larger than a basic /29 an IP justification from may be neccessary before allocation.  All additional IP’s are charged at a monthly rate and this will be reflected on the following billing cycle.

How many eMails can I send in an hour?2019-06-19T05:49:57+00:00

NibbleNetwrx does not limit the emails per hour.  cPanel defaults to 60 emails per hour.  This setting can be changed in cPanel.   We do not allow bulk or mass mailings.  Please refer to our Terms of Service for more details.

After adding email accounts, you can use cPanel ‘s tools to configure your email client to access the account.

To Configure Your cPanel Email Addresses with Mail Clients

  1. Go to, where is your domain name.
  2. Log in to your email address.
  3. Click Configure Mail Client.
  4. Next to the mail client you want to use, click the link in the Protocols column.
  5. Follow any instructions or run any files that download to complete the configuration.

If the mail client or device you want to use isn’t listed, you can use the Manual Settings listed toward the bottom of the page.

Typical Settings

If you can’t access the cPanel interface to complete these steps, these are the typical settings it uses:

Field Value
Username Your email address
Password Your email account’s password
Incoming Server mail.[your domain name]
Incoming Ports IMAP — 143 POP — 110
Outgoing Server mail.[your domain name]
SMTP (Outgoing) Port 25 (587 or 80 might also work)

All email addresses on a cPanel account share the same pool of 500 SMTP relays (outbound messages) per hour.

Please be aware that we do not allow bulk or mass mailings.  Please refer to our Terms of Service for more details.

How many sites can I host?2019-06-15T21:55:49+00:00

The number of sites a package can hold depends on the package size and the size of the websites.

The number of sites on any package depends on the sizes of the site and the resources of the package. For example a server can have 4GB of space and hold 4 sites of 1GB each.  Or the server could have 500 sites of 40MB each.

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