Nibble Netwrx Phone Systems


In 2005 we had a need for phones to answer the influx of calls from our clients.  The decision was made to begin testing a newer open source product Asterisk.  This product quickly grew in both popularity and community driven support as we watched it mature.  At first it was just an in-house product but we soon realized the potential uses for our clients.  As a result, this software is a feature-rich digital phone system that can compete with traditional phone carriers at a much lower cost.  

The digital background has changed since our first days dialing on our VoIP phones.  As we roll out our 4th generation PBX platform we have seen the market shift over the last 15 years.  Digital is in and analog is out.  Any phone call you make as an end user (from home or your cell phone) is most likely using a digital codec during its path to completing a call to a business partner or client.  You will rarely find traditional carriers who have not switched or that does not implement their telephony transactions through a digital interface.

What does that mean for you?  Well – take a look at your last phone bill.  Traditional companies have absorbed digital practices but still charge you pre-digital pricing.  Why pay extra for voicemail, call forwarding, or an IVR (Interactive Voice Response)?  These are now just software code.  Phone calls should not be expensive.  Let us show you how to save money while getting the all the perks of a VoIP service.