Operative / Reseller Roles

Nibble Netwrx will roll out our Operative Affiliate program in the coming months.  Our first commissioned-based product will spotlight our 4th generation phone systems.

What is a Nibble Netwrx Operative?

Operatives are our first line of support.  They ensure smooth uninterrupted services and solutions for changing business needs for our clients.  Operatives are backed by our network, engineering, PBX design and implementation personnel — all here to support you!

Our business has always  strived to support those who have the drive to be entrepreneurs and business owners.  Our mission is to provide new products that spur new business or to help owners grow strong client relations by providing the right business solutions.  The Nibble Netwrx goal is to incorporate an above average industry commission (30% to 51%), our 4th generation PBX phone systems and our support / billing services into an affiliate program –  our Nibble Netwrx Operative.

We hope to provide a best-in-class product that benefits all parties involved: the end user, the Operative, and Nibble Netwrx.  We understand that you can click an option on a competitor’s site and they will spool up a service.  We prefer a hands-on concierge approach.  Let’s sit down for a 30 minute conference call and better understand your telephony needs.

Package and Commission Breakdown with Examples

Package Min Num Ext Max Num Ext Setup Cost Cost Per Ext Operative % Max Package Commission
Starter 1 4 $59 $12 30% Client w 4 Ext $14.40 / month
Standard 5 10 $59 $10 30% Client w 10 Ext $30.00 / month
Professional 11 15 $59 $8 30% Client w 15 Ext $36.00 / month
Enterprise 16 25 $59 $7 30% Client w 25 Ext $52.50 / month

For a full list of PBX Services options and an Extension Plus Usage Calculator please visit here.

NibbleNetwrx - Helping Your Online Presence Succeed

Your success is our success. We practice this with our clients and now we want to incorporate it as we invite our affiliates program to grow our Nibble Operatives into their own business. Please review the FAQ below to better understand how our program works. Our VoIP systems are meant to be a part of a wider offering "Office on Web" concept Nibble Newrx would like to offer through our Operative program. The goal is to build out strong secure interconnected business environments. Supported by our Operative team back by Nibble Netwrx knowledge, support and infrastructure.
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